Hp Server


HPE Apollo

HP Apollo Server or HPE Apollo: These servers are optimized by looking at complex data analysis and large process calculations (HPC). The mentioned servers, in addition to computing and storage racks, have network facilities, power supply and fan. Also, increasing and decreasing the performance scale compared to the volume of data analysis, storing topics and calculating and performing at a high volume of work are other advantages of this series. The cooling system in this series of HP servers is blue, which is a thousand times better than air cooling. These servers are about 200% more efficient in group computing and in private cloud space. In addition to optimal density, HPE Apollo servers are highly efficient and suitable for organizations that require complex processing.

HPE Superdome flex

In HP server types, this is a milestone in critical software processing, accelerating data analysis, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing (HPC). The HPE Superdome Flex modular and parallel architecture makes it easy to grow and use in small spaces.
HPE Superdome Flex

HPE simpliVity

HPE SimpliVity: SimpliVity was one of the companies focusing on hyperconverged infrastructure that HPE acquired almost three years ago. HP integrated the software and hardware of this product with the industry-leading servers and added it to a variety of HP servers. In hyperconverged systems, processing, storage and networking are integrated. One of the key features of HPE SimpliVity is its ease of use and integration with VMware. This HP server also supports a large number of data availability and disaster recovery features. Most HCIs outsource these tasks to third parties, but HPE SimpliVity itself has provided them.

HPE Edgeline

This HP server integrates all OT and IT structures at the enterprise level, and the infrastructure of this server is designed to allow high-capacity data entry and analysis according to your needs.
Hpe edgeline
HPE cloudline

HPE cloudline

The flexible design of this HP server has made its free and flexible use enjoyable for cloud data centers. That’s why among all types of HP servers, HPE Cloudline servers are a good choice for cloud service providers. Large data centers can be built and operated with this series of HP servers. An example of such a data center is its flexibility in the processes required to provide appropriate customer service.