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Solutions offer comprehensive, fully hosted technology across the entire investment life cycle.

About us

Where We Build Your Visions

Galactic Star Trading Company with scientific and professional support, managers and experts experienced in the world technology, along to offer services to meet all organizational and individual needs in the field of “computer equipment, hardware components, Cisco switches, voip As well as “CCTV cameras”.

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Our services


Consulting, supply and sale of the best and newest cctv


Designing and implementing voip


Provide Cisco switches for institutions and service providers, small businesses and home users.


Providing the most professional hp server services


If you are thinking of upgrading the servers used in your business, Galactic Star is one of the suppliers of the best HP servers and hardware equipment that will be able to advise and guide you to choose the best server.

Cisco Nexus 7000

HPE cloudline

CCTV Analog

HPE cloudline

Strategy and Marketing

Strategy and Marketing

Our company having the knowledge of potential market, available market, target market and penetrated market, measure and forecast the size, growth and profit potential of each market opportunity. It helps organization to decide how best to allocate its marketing resources and activities among market segments.

Galactic Star is specialist that covers all IT services operations and procedures. Our company is attempting to hold the largest share of customers among its immediate competition. When people are just trying a new product or services, they’re much more likely to switch for better prices,our company is offering the lowest price and the best bundling deals.
Our group strategy includes competitive price, high quality and specialized advice for customers.